Alexian monastery in Munnoorppilly, in the Indian Kerala

On 1994-1-6 we could inaugurate our Alexian monastery in Munnoorppilly, in the Indian Kerala. Up to the completion of the construction work a confrere lived temporarily in a small house at the edge of our acquired property.

Since it was new foundation at the beginning of the nineties and the brothers were relatively on themselves, today's community has provisionally two emphases. One is to it be a house for novitiates with school direction, and the other one is a small plantation. The plantation, equipped with predominantly banana and rubber trees, serves for the self-supply and at the same time it is a small contribution to the financial self-sufficiency of the house.

Our picture gallery would like to present our monastery as well as our own impressions of the country, the people and the life-style.

The Monastery


The community