The foundation of the Alexian Brothers is a Catholic foundation under German civil law. The foundation's objective is the long-term promotion of the spiritual, cultural and religious work of the congregation of the Alexian Brothers.

The foundation is based in Münster. The foundation's board consists of members of the congregation of the Alexian Brothers and experts in finance and law.

The foundation of the Alexian Brothers holds the shares of the Alexianer GmbH since July 2013, accordingly is it the new owner of the Alexian facilities. The Alexianer GmbH runs general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, facilities and  workshops for people with disabilities, nursing homes for the elderly, and other social services.

The institutions run by the Alexian brotherhood are open to all people, irrespective of their social background, religion, or world view. The people working for the Alexian community respect and value all people in their care equally. They treat them with dignity and promote their independence by helping them to live a self-determined life. They experience the loving care and attention of the Alexian ethos. 

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