Prayer Novena for General Chapter
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Prayer Novena for General Chapter

Dear friends of the Alexian Brotherhood, the General Chapter of our order will take place from 7 to 13 May 2016.

Alexian brothers from Ireland, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, Hungary and Germany will meet at Wasserburg, a Catholic training and conference centre near Rindern/Kleve, to discuss our future, our mission and what we can offer the wider community. 

The General Chapter is of course an important event for the entire congregation, and all Alexian brothers are with us in their prayers. 

We invite all who support our order and our work to join us in prayer during the Novena from Thursday 28 April to Friday 6 May.

Prayer Novena for General Chapter

St. Alexius, you showed compassion to the sick; treated the outcast with dignity; tendet to the needs of the poor; nurtured body, mind and spirit of young and old; and engaged others sympathetic to your ministry. We, the Congregation of Alexian Brothers, inspired by your life journey, have adopted you as our Patron.

We ask you to intercede to God on our behalf; to open our hearts, minds and spirit to the grace of the Triune God in directing the work of our General Chapter meeting. Give us insight to see, and Courage to answer our call to transformation.

May the Love of Christ Compel us.