Erny has found a new home


 Erny, the friendly, light-brown dog with the alert pointed ears has found a new home and now follows Brother Dominikus everywhere.

Brother Franziskus Monissen first met little Erny in Spain through a pet charity and then took the dog back with him to Germany This was a lucky encounter for Erny, who was well looked after by Brother Franziskus and became his companion. Brother Franziskus passed away on 31 August 2017 at the age of only 54. And so we were left to work out what to do with Erny.

In the weeks after Brother Franziskus´s death, we had a lot to do, from organising the funeral to handing over his flat. That is why we handed Erny over into the care of a boarding place for dogs where he stayed for a month.


In early October, Brother Dominikus took the dog home with him. "I cannot bear seeing Erny end up in a dog shelter. After all, Brother Dominikus liked him so much he brought him all the way from Spain, and Erny had made our community his home. Erny now lives with me in Siegburg. He comes along nearly everywhere I go, also to the senior home here in town where residents and staff alike have taken to him as he dashes around the place to greet everybody with a big wag of his tiny tail. He is such a friendly dog and I love having him around."