In memoriam Brother Johannes Ha Dau Dong


In memoriam Brother Johannes Ha Dau Dong CFA

Brother Johannes Ha Dau Dong died on 29 September 2017. He was eighty years of age. Born on 27 January 1937 in Vietnam, je joined the Alexian Brotherhood in 1967 and spent most of his time as a member of our order at the monastery of St. Joseph in Münster-Amelsbüren.  

Brother Johannes was an artist through and through. Until a few years ago, he had a studio in the cellar of Kunsthaus Kannen. Art in general and painting in particular were his passion. Many of his works were vibrant and colourful abstract paintings that he donated generously for charitable causes.Twice a year, he invited everybody to see his latest works.


Brother Johannes also spent a lot of time looking after the needs of other people from Vietnam living in his area. On behalf of the Diocese of Münster, he accompanied them to appointments acting as an interpreter, and assisted them with paperwork. He was their trusted companion and always lent an ear to people struggling with life. This work gave him great satisfaction. 

In all he did, he was guided by his belief in Christ. We remember him in gratitude and are saddened by his death.