In memoriam Brother Bonifatius Pumpe

In memoriam Brother Bonifatius Pumpe CFA

On 14 July 2017, Brother Bonifatius PumpeCFA died at the age of 79. Born on 26 September 1938 as Friedhelm Pumpe, he became a weaver.

At 31 years of age, he joined the Alexian Brotherhood and retrained as a care assistant. In 1971 he made his Temporary Profession followed by his Perpetual Profession in 1976. Brother Bonifatius worked for 18 years for the Alexian community in Münster. During his time there, he was a tireless advocate for the needs of the disabled and sick. For many years, he organised holidays and trips for and with his patients.

After his retirement, Brother Bonifatius lived at the monastery in Münster. We remember him in gratitude and are saddened by his death.