The Alexian Charism is the prophetic and daring response of a faith community to the gospel of Jesus. It is rooted in prayer and simple life style. In discipleship with Jesus our response is reaching out to the poor, sick and dying, especially the marginated and powerless.

Our Charism calls us to conversion and total selfgiving in continuing the healing and reconciling mission of Jesus in collaboration with others.


We are molding a brotherhood family, a monasterial partnership as brothers and try to live after the gospel Jesu.

In order to become more similar to Christ and to serve humans with the whole strength of Christ as well as to give our society an estatologic sign, we have to pass - after a certain time of testing - the three classical brotherhood solemn promises: the voluntary poverty, the obedience as well as the celibacy.

Through our Charisma - given by God - we dedicate ourselves to the welfare services of the church. The life of each individual Alexian wants to testify Christ "the Healer" who loved the patients and the dying, the poor and the unwanted in the worlds.

Like Christ, looking for the community of his holy father in the prayer, we look for the honor of God in the daily Eucharist celebration, in the view and in the reading of the holy writing as well as in the private and church prayer - for us it is the "breath getting in God".

In order not to lose ourselves in the social activities of our everyday life, apart from the prayers we also honor the quieter area - the monastery. It helps us to find new strength for our Christian mission as well as to lead God sanctified lives consciously.


The life of the community of the Alexian Brothers is shaped by a balanced way between the life in a monastic community and social commitment.

In the community of the brothers, the individual in his individuality and his character experiences acceptance and solidarity. The prayer in the community makes it possible for him to participate in the common prayer of the church.The personal prayer creates space to take his own life to God in a confidential way.

In the daily work with (psychically) ill, old and ostracized people, the members of the community of the Alexian Brothers are actively involved in a common task. They accept people unconditionally, have time for them and accompany them on a part of their way.

The time of the noviciate, as well as a alexian year (voluntary social year) living in the community of a monastery might enable you to achieve time and space by clarifying your orientation in life, your own vocation, your task in life when living together with those people who have already found their vocation.